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Dr. Tímea Tács

Dear Company Managers, Company Doctors, Occupational Health and Safety Professionals!

Occupational aptitude tests do not provide enough information on stress at work.

The possibility for occupational health professionals is limited: according to Decree 33/1998.NM (Annex 6) Psychosocial pathological factors: "The data can only be requested by the occupational health physician and must be treated as a professional secret."

I offer you the opportunity to take an "online" psychological and psychosocial stress assessment.

Workplace stress

Work has an impact on the health of workers.These impacts can be positive or negative, mediated by hazardous, health-threatening physical conditions or psychosocial risk factors in the workplace.

Why choose us

The psychological and psychosocial assessment we offer is based on international standards. The test can be used by companies employing foreign workers because it can be completed in three languages. For more information, please contact you will find on.


Please contact us by email , and give us a few sentences about your company (number of employees, departments, etc.)

Price offer

We can send you a quote in Hungarian, German, English, and after acceptance we will send you the login ID. In each case we will give you an individual offer.

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The employee can log in to the test area with the ID they receive by email. The test can be completed online, on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

Evaluation of the test

The test result will be sent to you by e-mail in PDF format, and after reading it, you will have 1 hour of online consultation.


Years of experience

Occupational health specialist

Contracted partner

Multinational companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, universities

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In Hungarian, English, German

Test question

Psychological and psychosocial questionnaire

Online test

Psychological, psychosocial assessment of workers

The test is online, the employee can provide personal information, but can also complete the test anonymously. The test is not about the worker, but about the exposure to health risk factors in the work environment.

Work-related stresses

Qualitative and quantitative effects on the worker at the workplace, the totality of which may be detrimental to the worker's health.


Do management styles affect group performance and group morale? How can leadership style influence work effectiveness?

Work-life balance

Striking and maintaining a work-life balance is a major challenge in any profession or job.

Health, well-being

Employers and employees need to work together to find ways to achieve good health for both, regardless of their situation.

Physical working conditions

In all circumstances, the employer must ensure that the requirements for safe working conditions that do not endanger the health of workers are met.

Organisational role and job title

Unclear job roles lead to misunderstandings, confusion of responsibilities and disorganization, which fundamentally affects the effectiveness of the organization.


Peer support can play a crucial role in reducing stress at work, significantly reducing the development of anxiety, work stress and burnout.

Organisational atmosphere

An optimal work atmosphereis an environment that is an ideal and realistic harmonious relationship between individual and group work values.

Violence, harassment

Harassment and workplace violence can take many forms, from verbal aggression, mistreatment, cyber-violence, sexual discrimination, to various forms of physical aggression.

Questions relating to a vulnerable group

Disabled people, minors, the elderly, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, workers without qualifications or experience.

Dr. Tímea Tács

Occupational health specialist


Workplace stress

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the frequently asked questions! If you cannot find the answer to your question, please send us an email! We will reply to you shortly.

Does the risk analysis include psychological exposure?

Yes, it is, it is not the task of the occupational safety and health professional to assess exposure.

Can the test results help team building?

Yes, it is worth using the evaluation, it improves the dynamics of the working atmosphere to be aware of problems.

Can anyone take the "test"?

The "test" can be filled in by our contracted partners in Hungarian, English, German after providing the ID.

Can I take the "test" from home?

The "test" can be completed online from anywhere within the available timeframe (the timeframe is set by the company's management, usually 7 - 10 days)

Do I have to pay for the "test"?

For our partners using our occupational health services, the "test" is free of charge once a year! Company managers, company doctors, occupational health and safety specialists can also order the "test" for their company, on the basis of an individual quotation.

Can departments in companies be "tested" separately?

For larger companies, we recommend that you "test" each department separately, so that you can easily identify the difference between departments.

Can filling in the "test" be anonymous?

You can complete the "test" anonymously, without having to provide any personal data. If you want to provide your personal data, you can do so!

Does the "test" assess the employee?

It is important to state at the outset that the employee is not being tested by the "test"! The test examines the possible psychological and psychosocial stress factors arising from the job.



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